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Roman Fort
Julia Martius, wife of a cavalry officer from the Ala Petriana


Hadrian's Wall

Welcome to the frontier - the very edge of an Empire. Explore the legacy of ancient Rome's mighty legions and discover how Hadrian's Wall shaped the course of history at the Tullie House Museum, Carlisle.

Skyline Wall

Finding the frontier

Envisage yourself as a Roman soldier standing on the ramparts of Hadrian's great wall. As you look out across the barbarian wasteland before you, how do you feel? Scared? Proud? Are you wondering what kind of foul beasts and villainous tribes lie in wait for you in the deep north?

At the Tullie House Museum, you have the chance to explore this fascinating, ancient world. From the grandeur of military parades to the flamboyant fashions of the Empress' court, learn how Rome projected its imperial power into even the farthest reaches of the lands. Carlisle is the perfect place to explore the wall and build your own picture of life in the time of the Romans.



Calvary Garrison

Imperial Power

Carlisle, known as Luguvalium by its Roman occupants, has a long history of strategic importance. As you explore, you'll meet Julia Martia - wife to a Roman cavalry officer and your guide to the city's unique heritage. Listen carefully to her story as she describes the city's evolution from a small outpost fort to a bustling cosmopolitan municipality.

Learn how the civilian population of Luguvalium prospered alongside the mighty Roman calvary garrison. See the finest armour of the military machine, as well as the most stunning dresses worn by Roman women. Discover the world's first stirrings of globalisation and unravel the mystery of what eventually became of Hadrian's Wall in Carlisle.




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