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Durham cathedral


Durham Cathedral

Discover the earliest stirrings of recorded English history in Durham's astonishing Romanesque Cathedral. Over the threshold of this historic place, you'll meet the Venerable Bede and experience a rare glimpse into the enigmatic and scholarly lives of the Benedictine monks.

Durham Skyline Cathedral

The father of history

As far as many are concerned, the entire discourse of English history as we know it is attributable to one man. Before him, the past was handed down to us through myth, legend, and the stories of our elders. After him, the rigorous chronicling of the past was a matter of due course for the nation's institutions.

The Venerable Bede lifted history out of the Dark Ages and, through his many works, made it an essential aspect of our understanding of the world. Known as the 'Father of English History', Bede lived from 673 to 735 AD and wrote on an enormous array of subjects, from History and Theology, to Linguistics, Education, and even poetry.

Step into his world and learn how this holy man would have lived over a thousand years ago.



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A lifetime of appreciation

Sitting in its grand seat high above the city and surrounded by lush green trees, Durham Cathedral is about as beautiful as a building can be. Dating from 1093, the Cathedral - and indeed, the City - was founded over the resting place of St. Cuthbert.

This holy hermit lived much of his life in solitude in Northumbria during the late 7th century. After he died of a painful illness, his body was cared for by a community of monks. Escaping the clutches of the Vikings, his body was eventually laid to rest on a hillside called Dunholm, now Durham, where an entire city sprang up around his grave.

To this day, the Cathedral remains a shrine to St Cuthbert. Through his legacy, you'll hear remarkable stories of forgiveness, faith, pilgrimage and horror.




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