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Lincoln Cathedral
Joseph Banks


Lincoln Cathedral

For 249 years, Lincoln Cathedral was the tallest building on Earth, and it remains a towering example of English heritage to this day. Explore the many hidden secrets of this stunning structure and set out on a marvellous voyage from skyscrapers to seabeds.

Cathedral Skyline Lincoln Cathedral

Towering figures

Joseph Banks was born in 1742 and spent the best part of his youth in the shadow of Lincoln Cathedral. He could often be found exploring or playing in the fields around the city and, seeing its mighty towers rising over the skyline, would always know how to find his way home.

Twenty one years later, Banks would be returning home again. However, this time it would be from the other side of the planet. A famed explorer, botanist, and scientist - Sir Joseph Banks' impact on the political and scientific landscape of his time was enormous. Joining Captain Cook on his famous voyages of discovery, Banks would discover countless specimens of flora and fauna never-before-seen in the northern hemisphere.

In the spirit of Banks, explore Lincoln Cathedral and the wonders of the world encapsulated within its walls.




Enduring beauty

Victorian writer John Ruskin described Lincoln Cathedral as "out and out the most precious piece of architecture in the British Isles", and he can't be far wrong. This stunning gothic work defines the skyline of its city, and, despite losing its central spire to a storm in 1549, has remained one of the most beautiful buildings of living English heritage.

Built from the very rock upon which it stands, the cathedral was erected in 1092 and has survived earthquakes, fires, and demon visitations. From the tiniest secrets embedded in its floor to the grandest views on its roof, Lincoln Cathedral will rewrite your understanding of British history and make you redefine the word 'epic'.




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