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William Shakespeares House
William Shakespeare


Shakespeare's New Place

The house known as New Place was William Shakespeare's family home for 19 years from when he was 33 years old until his death in 1616, aged 52. Today, on the very spot where New Place once stood, you are invited to discover more of the untold history of the greatest writer of all time.

William Shakespeare's House William Shakespeare's House

A new aspect of the great man

We may know something about Shakespeare the playwright, but do we know the story of Shakespeare's astonishing rise from the son of a glove-maker to one of the most significant writers in the world?

Here in the grounds of New Place, you'll be introduced to Shakespeare the businessman, the financial investor, entrepreneur, and expert social net-worker. You'll hear about the controversies that surrounded his life, his death and his literary legacy. You'll walk in beautiful gardens and discover the peaceful homelife that he treasured over four hundred years ago.



Anne Hathaway's Cottage

A place of one's own

William Shakespeare purchased New Place in 1597 when he was already a well-established playwright. The residence was one of the finest in the region and would serve him as a place to be inspired, to write, manage his business affairs, and to raise his two daughters with his wife, Anne.

Although New Place was demolished in 1759, our reimagining of Shakespeare's adult home will give you a unique insight into his wealthy lifestyle. While you listen to the stories of his personal and professional life, don't forget that it was here that Shakespeare may well have writtend some of his masterpieces, including , Hamlet, Macbeth, Othello and The Tempest.




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