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York Minster
Minster Choir Boy


York Minster

Despite being set ablaze in 1829, York Minster has remained one of the most beautiful buildings of our national heritage. Surviving fires, wars, and revolution, it has stoically remained a seat of vast cultural and religious significance for well over 1000 years.

York Minster York Minster

A tale of survival

On a cold February day, a man hid himself away in the Minster. Consumed by the idea that he had been chosen by God to cleanse the building of wickedness, he waited until dark, then crept out to set light to the Quire. The crews, unable to reach the fire, were forced to watch helplessly as the roof collapsed in on itself.

However, it would take more than this to raze this ancient seat of religious heritage to its foundations. You see, the Minster had survived all this before.

The secret history of York Minster is filled with stories of conflict and disaster. However, every time, this stunning structure has risen from the ashes through the fortitude of its people. Discover these fascinating stories and more.




England's living heritage

Explore the unique stories of this cathedral through the eyes of a local boy - choirboy Swinbank. Through his tales, you'll learn how the actions of certain characters changed the course of history.

Built as a small church on the site of the Roman Emperor Constantine's proclamation, the cathedral has evolved into a towering icon of gothic beauty. Entwined with its long history are the thousands of human stories that make the Minster one of the most captivating buildings in the country. Keep a sharp eye out and take in all the beauty of York's most stunning attraction.




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