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The Roman Baths
Major Davis


The Roman Baths

Dating far back beyond the time of the Romans, these historic baths are an age-old fount of intrigue and wonder for the British public. Unearth their fascinating past and rediscover the ancient curiosities that lie just beneath the surface.

Roman Baths

Discovering legend

The history of Bath's iconic Roman spa itself is well told. However, there remains a tale deeper still - the noble story of the antiquarians that worked tirelessly for its excavation and restoration throughout the ages.

Join one of the Bath's most prodigious architects - Major Charles Edward Davis - as he leads you on an expedition beyond the tourists' well-worn path. With his expert guidance, you'll bring to light some of the most fascinating artifacts found in and around the baths. Learn of his vast contributions to the legacy of the site and the many struggles he faced to realise his epic vision of the grandest spa in Europe.




A site for the ages

The baths today sit on one of only a handful of real volcanic spa sites in the UK. In the time of the Celts, the site was a shrine dedicated to the goddess Sulis, who was worshipped for both her nourishing qualities and her vengeful spirit.

Roman structures on the site were destroyed in the 6th century, and have been rediscovered throughout modern history. The beautiful buildings now occupying the site were mostly built from the 12th century onwards, though expansions and refurbishments have contributed to the grandeur of the site ever since.

To this day, the site provides a high-fidelity window into the past, and through it we learn a little more about the peoples that lived nearly 3000 years ago.




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