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Heritage city


Cambridge - Take Your Time

Cambridge has the edge when it comes to beauty, history and culture. This elegant yet compact city boasts spectacular architecture in the shape of colleges, chapels, churches and courtyards combined with green parks, wide open spaces and the River Cam, which winds through its heart. Home to the University of Cambridge and its 31 Colleges, shop within sight of the magnificent King’s College Chapel; see wisteria climbing the walls of Jesus College and sit in the pub where the structure of DNA was discovered.
Culture abounds in the shape of museums, galleries, theatres and festivals, with programmes to stimulate, inspire and entertain – a city for everyone.

Lots to Learn

Cambridge has one of the most impressive collections of museums in the country. The University of Cambridge can take you on a historical journey via its eight museums – from the sciences, to archaeology, to zoology and polar exploration, there is so much to see – you’ll have to stay for a week to see it all.

A Place to Relax

Cambridge truly is a green city – its natural fen landscape flows right into the centre along the River Cam. You can picnic under the trees along The Backs, admire the stunning displays of flowering bulbs in spring, or while away the hours in beautifully kept college grounds and Fellows’ gardens.

See the Best of the City

With more than 30 years of experience, Visit Cambridge’s Official Guided Walking Tours is the city’s leading guided walking tours specialist and the two-hour daily public tours feature some of the most famous University colleges in the world, as well as Cambridge’s hidden gems.