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Maritime Greenwich World Heritage Site
Joseph Burgin


Maritime Greenwich World Heritage Site

Greenwich is discovery made manifest - the centre of adventure, science, and exploration the world over. Make your expedition into the heart of maritime legend and unveil the locations and characters that set the course of history forever.

Skyline Observatory

The home of exploration

The global pedigree of Greenwich, with its long royal and seafaring associations, is not to be underestimated. Famed for its grand buildings and historic institutions, the scientific discoveries made here also defined an era of maritime development that underpinned modernity and led to it becoming a Royal Borough in 2012.

Despite this prestige, Greenwich remains a vibrant hub of human stories. Explore that side of the legend too through the eyes of Joseph Burgin - a resident Pensioner in the former Royal Hospital for Seamen here, now the Old Royal Naval College. Through his whimsical tales of the sea, you'll learn about the true impact of Greenwich's legacy, and of the men and women who shared in it.

As home to the famed Royal Obervatory, Greenwich, the borough is also quite literally the 'home of world time'.




Maritime prestige

With the invention of Greenwich Time, astronomers working here created a fixed standard for calculating both comparative time around the globe and longitude (east-west distance) at sea, even in the most distant oceans.

A new maritime revolution sprang up, with Greenwich at its navigational centre. Now, voyages to the ends of the earth were permanently safer, faster and more efficient. This key block in the foundations for Britain's sea-borne empire and the industrial revolution was laid here, as well as for the modern worldwide time and tone-zone system taken for granted today.




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